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Bengals Adam “Pacman” Jones Pleads Not Guilty

By Editorial Staff

The Bengals corner has entered a not guilty plea concerning his two misdemeanors.

The Cincinnati Enquirer notes that Jones wasn’t actually in the courtroom when his lawyer filed the plea of not guilty.

The Bengals players seems to be very distraught about the media portraying him as a “bad guy”.  As he goes onto his twitter to say this (over a few tweets)

"And that sh*t hurt because in people eye they make me look guilty all the time so f*** espn , channel 5,9,and 11. I was moving and typing I said it’s crazy how they put my sh*t worldwide and is a bullsh*t charge and when someone else get a charge U don’t even hear about they sh*t it’s crazy and and it really G99999 because he made me the poster child lol it’s all good , im a better Man"

Jones has a fair point, living the life in the public eye has it’s negatives. Many cast judgement on him already for his previous incidents.

Maybe Jones has became a better man, and matured past his trouble making stage. But either way, remember, Adam Jones is innocent until proven guilty. And not the other way around.