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Sheriff’s Department states that shooting of Ex-Bengal David Turner was justified

By Editorial Staff

A week ago, formal Bengal David Lee Turner was shot and killed by a deputy in the Kern County Sherriff’s Department.

Sheriffs had confronted Turner outside a convenience store at 1 am on July 10th, believing the 56-year-old Turner was providing alcohol to minors. Turner was detained in the parking lot, along with his 19-year-old son and another 16-year-old. When Turner attempted to walk away with his bags of groceries, Deputy Aaron Nadal and partner Wesley Craft went after him, and the encounter turned physical.

"Mr. Turner turned in a tomahawk-fashion and took the bag that had two 24-ounce beers that weigh 3.25 pounds, and slung over and struck the deputy in the back of the head. The deputy went in a defensive posture and attempted to retrieve his firearm, at which time Mr. Turner again took the bag as if he was going to make another strike, and the second deputy fired two rounds and the situation was over – Sherriff Donny Youngblood"

Now, a week later, the shooting review board of Kern County Sheriff’s Department has determined that the shooting “was within department policy”. The deputy accused of shooting and killing Turner “has been cleared of any wrongdoing”.

A witness claimed that Turner did not swing violently at the officers, and called the killing “execution- style”:

"I saw the stuff flying because they kept hitting him, and they made the bag fly up because they kept hitting him, but he didn’t hit anybody. He didn’t do anything; he just followed their rules. So then deputies just shot him — execution-style is what I call it. I later hear people screaming, and I heard somebody say, ‘Why did you shoot my dad for no reason?"

Nadal had been treated and released from a hospital later that night, and Kraft was placed on “administrative leave”, but both will return to duty.

The situation is certainly a sad one, as Turner had been shot in front of both of his teenaged kids. But, the the Incident Review Board decided that the shooting “was within the Sheriff’s Office policy”. Hopefully, the investigation of the shooting will not end here.