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Bengals’ Reggie Kelly Says Side Have “Started To Cool Off”

By Editorial Staff

Thursday the NFL Owners had a 31-0 vote on a proposal to end the lockout.

Many fans were excited to hear the news that the lockout was over. Then reality began to sink in, it takes to sides to make an agreement. And the *NFLPA said* they were not even addressed by the owners for a new deal.

Many fans and players alike were made angry by this “power play” from the owners.

Bengals TE and alternate player representative, Reggie Kelly told Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer his take on how the players are feeling.

"I think guys at first were angry  because the first time we heard about the proposal was on TV when they voted on it. You need to negotiate and do it the right way.People have started to cool off. It’s not about egos and personal feelings. It’s a business. All in all it’s going to work out and we’re going to be ready to play."

It’s great the Kelly is saying the *NFLPA* is cooling off after nearly being victims of a power play. And to be honest I can’t blame them for being annoyed with the way the owners went about the vote. Wouldn’t you want to read the document before you signed it, rather then have the other party turn you into the “bad guy” because you don’t want to sign it without reading it over.