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“Quiet Before the Storm”: Chad Tweets Clues on His Fate

By Editorial Staff

"ochocinco Chad OchocincoNo i’m not happy yet. Still waiting on 1 more thing RT @DaRealNette: @ochocinco back to gettin fines huh? I’m sure your crazy ass is happy"

"ochocinco Chad OchocincoThis is the quiet before the storm kind sir RT @dnicolaison: @ochocinco Surprised you have not tweeted about football starting?"

"ochocinco Chad OchocincoScissors-Razor Blade-Box Cutter which ever works best RT @campbellje: @ochocinco r u gonna take a pay cut this year to keep from getting cut"

"ochocinco Chad OchocincoThe quiet before the storm. Listening to Randy Crawford song entitled Everyday I Have the Blues"

Reading the mind of Chad Ochocinco has never been a difficult proposition. Say what you want about the man, but he DOES tend to wear his heart on his sleeve. Historically a fan-favorite in Cincinnati, Chad’s ever-growing list of “outside interests” has hurt his popularity and, more importantly, his standing with the team. In recent interviews, however, both Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis have seemed  resigned to Chad’s off-season activities. Intuition tells me, however, that their acceptance of his NASCAR driving, bull riding, soccer playing, reality show dating, dancing, etc… was feigned in order to not scare off any teams that might be interested in trading for the Ocho.

Given his recent Tweets (posted above), Chad would appear to be waiting for “1 more thing,” and I suspect that 1 more thing is word on where he’ll be playing next season. That’s the “quiet” before his “storm,” or so I suspect.

If I’m correct, the sideshow in Cincy is over. Marvin Lewis wants an atmosphere that’s focused on what these very talented and very fortunate men get paid to do – win football games. Chad’s got a great heart, and I’ll be sad to see his playing days end here. But those days ended when he changed his name, when the talent and drive of Chad Johnson were crushed by the insatiable ego and hunger for attention of Chad Ochocinco.

UPDATE: Add to this the fact that Chad was supposed to have needed off-season ankle surgery but did not get that surgery, and we have every reason to question his further commitment to football.