3 Positions on Offense the Bengals Should Address in Free Agency


A few things come to my mind this morning, the Bengals are set for Free Agency and anti-Mike Brown tweets are sounding like a broken record saying Mike Brown didn’t get anything for Carson retiring. But the Bengals did get something, it’s called cap room.

With Carson Palmer‘s retiring the Bengals will have another $11.5 million to dish out this year alone (just to get up to the 90%).

On the offensive side of the ball, the Bengals need to address three of the most important positions on the offense. And without addressing them, whoever happens to be under center will be in for a world of hurt . But with these 3 positions being addressed in some form look for the offense to be a little more up beat then expected.


Current Situation: The current situation of the Quarterback position may the most publicly criticized this week because of the Palmer situation. Without Carson the savvy veteran of the QB position is Jordan Palmer. Besides that you have incoming rookie Andy Dalton from TCU and 2nd year QB Dan Lefevour. It’s safe to say the depth of the QB depth chart leave’s something to be desired.

Names to Remember:

  • Bruce Gradkowski (OAK) This name has the most buzz when it comes to Bengals FA options. In fact Bengals were in contract talks with him last night.
  • Jim Sorgi (NYG) The ultimate back up. He’s never started a game himself so it sorta goes back to the experience thing.
  • Vince Young (TEN) Sure players need to get fresh starts, and Mike Brown loves to give those to players. But Vince Young‘s immaturity scares me off too much.

Offensive Line

Current Situation: There’s some young potential on that offensive line with Otis Hudson, Clint Boling and Reggie Stephens. Even young typically out of shape potential in Andre Smith. There’s the elder statesman with Bobbie Williams. And you have Kyle Cook and Andrew Whitworth who both have a few good years left in them.  The potential is good for the future but not for protecting your team in the now. The Bengals need to look at finding a QUALITY instant starter for the Left Guard position to solidify that line.

Names to Remember:

  • Robert Gallery (OAK) The Bengals are bidding on Gallery right now, there is a possibility he’s their guy for LG.
  • Carl Nicks (NO)  Nicks is a pro bowler in his prime. Protect your investments in the backfield! Most of you may remember his post game interview after winning the Super Bowl “I’m going to Mother-F***ing Disneyland!”  Only Problem he’s a RFA with a 1st round tag.
  • Deuce Lutui (AZ) Another big boy in his prime. Remember the plan isn’t to sign potential, it’s to sign a protector now. And Lutui is one of the best Guards available in this Free Agency period.

Running Back

Current Situation: The current situation is Bernard Scott, and a hand full of UDFA and 7th round rookie RB’s.  Brian Leonard is a free agent now. And Cedric Benson was so close to finding a place as a team leader… Till he was arrested for beating a former roommate. The point is the Bengals don’t have much and need to be aggressive in Free Agency.

Names to Remember:

  • DeAngelo Williams The Bengals have admitted to liking him on their own website.  Play it cool guys Williams is the #1 FA RB this year, he is said to want to go back to Carolina so be prepared to need to flash some cash.
  • Cedric Benson Wait, what? Yes Cedric Benson, he’s a full FA and he’s still an option. Just now he’s a little more flexible on how much he wants in the contract. A suspension is possible so he may not be ready to go till week 4 or 5.
  • Tim Hightower A stellar running back with the ability to run on the inside and catch a pass out of the backfield. A rare find indeed.
  • Marion Barber The Cowboys are cutting him as soon as they legally can. Barber still has a bit of tread left on those tires, picking him up for the right price would be a great fit.