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Bengals “Reach out” to Brian Leonard

By Editorial Staff

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote this morning that the Bengals have reached out to one of their own in Brian Leonard. Leonard, was originally thought to be entering Free Agency as restricted Free Agent but is now an unrestricted FA.

It’s good news that the Bengals are already reaching out to him. His statistics on the back of his trading card may not show it, but Leonard is a very important player to the Bengals offense.

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The above stat’s don’t look like much, I mean Leonard doesn’t even have a 1,000 yards combined from scrimmage. But it’s the Splits that start revealing what “Leapin’ Leonard” does so well. Here’s a look at what he did in the 2010 season.

Brian is the oppitomy of “clutch”, it’s hard to complain about a player who on 3rd and 4th down consistently is moving the chains.As an example; on short yardage his average is 12.5 yards on the ground and 12 yardage receiving. (Not bad at all when you only need 1-2 yards)