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Ocho on his Way to Becoming A Patriot? Now It’s Confirmed: Yes He IS!

By Editorial Staff

It is now being reported that Chad Ochocinco has been traded to the New England Patriots. Earlier this afternoon, Chad Ochocinco was seen leaving Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport on a plane headed for Boston.

Earlier tweets:

"joereedy Joe ReedyRT @BearcatEd27: @joereedy seen ocho at cvg flying to Boston so what’s the scoop?>Cuts become official at 4ochocinco Chad OchocincoSmile people. And there are so many reasons to do so especially on such a lovely day like today. Leaving #Mars tweet you soonochocinco Chad OchocincoYes indeed my good friend. RT @mlozano9: @ochocinco good things happen to good people, bossNatiBuck513 Matt Buckhananby NASCARfreak2420"

Evidently, I was correct in my intuition on Tuesday.