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Ex-Bengal Ochocinco Willing to Pay Anything For 85 Jersey

By Editorial Staff

Former Bengal Chad Ochocinco was traded to the New England Patriots for future late round picks. This move came as a shock to some but to most familiar with his offseason antics saw it coming a mile away.

There’s only one snag for Ochocinco and his new home in New England, there’s already an “Ochocinco” Young TE Aaron Hernandez. It’s the inevitable event most NFL fans saw coming, he changed  his last name to his jersey now he doesn’t have the jersey number.

TMZ reports:

"We’re told Ochocinco — who CHANGED HIS LAST NAME to match his jersey number a few years ago — wants to PAY Hernandez to give up the digits … and sources say Chad feels “no number is too high.”"