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Cedric Benson agrees to terms with Bengals; RB Ahmad Bradshaw visit canceled

By Editorial Staff

Earlier this afternoon, the contract standoff with Runningback Cedric Benson finally ended when Benson agreed to terms with the Bengals on a one year deal. The deal was reportedly in the range of $3-$5 million, with $2 million in incentives.

At the same time, reports have also surfaced that Runningback Ahmad Bradshaw will visit with the Bengals after contract negotiations with his own New York Giants have hit a wall.

ESPN’s John Clayton tweeted this about Bradshaw:

"The Giants apparently aren’t close to re-signing RB Ahmad Bradshaw. He’s scheduling a trip to Cincy for a visit."

So, now we’ve got a deal with Benson and Bradshaw is on his way, right?

Ten minutes later after his first tweet, ESPN’s John Clayton tweeted this:

"Here’s how fast things are moving. Cancel the A. Bradshaw trip to Cincy. The Bengals reached a one-year deal with Cedric Benson"

Perhaps Bradshaw had been using this trip with the Bengals as leverage in his negotiations with his own Giants. By talking with other teams, Bradshaw makes it clear that the Giants need to lower their offer. Bradshaw most likely had wanted the lead role after playing behind Brandon Jacobs for 4 years, and he might have gotten that lead role in Cincy.

The visit has been canceled entirely, though. The re-signing of Benson hurts Bradshaw’s possible playing time, and Bradshaw wanted to stay on the Giants anyway.

Images of what could have been: the best 1-2 RB combo in the league or even the 4-headed monster of Bradshaw/Benson/Scott/Leonard have now faded in my hopelessly optimistic mind.  I guess the signing Benson is a nice consolation prize.