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Bengals Rookie QB Dalton Looking Good at Camp

By Editorial Staff

It looks like rookie signal caller Andy Dalton is picking up the new offense very well . During his 1st day of practice,  he was telling teammates where to line up and what routes to run.  (Not too common for a day 1 rookie) Dalton commented on this saying

"I was just trying to come in and take charge and show everybody I’ve got confidence and that I can be a good leader out there. I felt really good. With the new offense, everybody is learning and I feel like I’ve got a really good grasp, as much as the other guys. I’m just trying to help everybody out. I’m trying to show everybody I’ve got confidence."

Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden is still gushing about Dalton. He even admits to it saying

"I’m giddy now and I’m going to have to rein it in … but he was impressive."

He goes on to describe Dalton’s practice saying

"He spit out all the plays correctly. He didn’t have any trouble in the huddle. No panicking, broke the huddle. That’s a feat in itself with all new terminology and looking at veteran guys like Whitworth and Bernard Scott and there was no issue with him. He was calm, confident. He missed a few throws but for the most part he ran the show.He followed that statement pointing out that Dalton is still a rookie.Andy relies on a lot of anticipation. He threw a couple a little too early, a little too hard, but he was anxious. For his first time in a professional uniform, different receivers he’s never thrown to, and the different tempo, new plays, it was impressive I thought. He’s got a long way to go. I’ve got a long way to go."

It’s important that all fans remember that while Dalton shows flashes of his potential here and there, he is still a rookie. He will not be the league MVP starting week 1. But over time Dalton can mature into an elite QB of the league.