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Bengals Roster Feels “Gutted”

By Editorial Staff

During training camp every team has a lot of new faces. Some faces are just bodies for training camp. Some are the new rookies and free agent signings. And with all the new faces at camp, it means that many familiar faces won’t be seen at camp.

86 players listed on the Bengals camp roster right now. Out of those 86, 28 are new additions to the team.

A few players have already noted how different the team looks and feels. Veteran Safety Chris Crocker went as far to say.

"We went from one team to another team overnight."

This training camp feels a little different for fans and players alike. The changing of the guard was something everyone knew that was happening, but now that football is being played again it just feels… weird. As much as we accepted Carson wasn’t coming back it’s still weird to see the “new guy” under center at training camp. And with Chad no longer being a Bengal it seems to have made things just a little stranger.

Maybe if it would’ve happened on a slower pace the changes wouldn’t be as hard to get used to. Be it for better or worse, it does seem that the Bengals are whole other team in just one off season.