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Bengals Sign OG Max Jean-Gilles

By Editorial Staff

The Bengals never gave up on bolstering their offensive line.

The latest OL Buzz is coming from former Eagle Max Jean-Gilles.  The Bengals on Tuesday worked out  and later signed the Offensive Guard. Jean-Giles has seen a moderate amount of playing time with the Eagles starting 25 games in the last 3 seasons with the team.  The contract is a one a year deal for $1.15 million dollars.

Max isn’t a star, or a huge signing. But the player is slowly starting to come into his own in the Eagles and may be a solid in the coming years for Bengals. writer Geoff Hobson says this signing “echoes” the signing of Bobbie Williams in JG saying

"Bobbie also sat eagles bench before blossoming here but jg has 24 starts"

Comparing Max to Bobbie is a hefty comparison. Hopefully the Bengals can catch lightning in a bottle again by signing a diamond in the rough from Philly.

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