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Report: Bengals in talks with LB Marvin Mitchell

By Editorial Staff

After the Manny Lawson signing yesterday, the starters finally appear to be set at linebacker. Manny Lawson at Strongside, Rey Maualuga in the middle, and Thomas Howard at Weakside. But, the linebacker depth… well, there was no depth. Roddrick Muckelroy, out for the season. Dhani Jones, probably won’t be re-signed. Brandon Johnson, talks at a stalemate to bring him back. Keith Rivers, out until possibly October while his wrist heals from surgery.

Linebacker Marvin Mitchell, who played all 16 games last year in a back-up role for the Saints, “may be making his way to the Bengals“, according to Larry Holder, the Saints reporter/columnist for CBS This would fit nicely into the Bengals current situation. Mitchell isn’t a star playmaker and shouldn’t be a threat to start, but he definitely has game experience. He’s played in 33 of the last 36 games with the Saints. If it goes through, this will be a cheap, low-key signing that certainly addresses the lack of depth at LB.