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Bengals Sign Nalbone; Waive Robinson

By Editorial Staff

The Bengals have signed young journeyman TE John Nalbone. Nalbone has played with the Dolphins, Vikings, Broncos and most lately the Eagles. Doing this is semi-impressive considering he was just drafted in 2009. This pick may be for depth at the TE position or may just simply be another camp body. What I do know is that in his entire career, Nalbone has yet to have a single stat. Below is his entire stat page from PFR.

The entire time I’m reading about the signing of Nalbone I’m just thinking of this commercial. “Championship” 

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To make room for addition like all times in training camp there has to be some form of subtraction. The unlucky UDFA to get the axe was Hampton Running Back Steven Robinson.

To those unfamiliar with what happens when a player gets waived, here’s a clip from HBO’s hard knocks when Marlon Lucky was waived. Prepare to watch Jim Lippincott at his best.