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Ruben Patterson suing ex-Bengal Tim McGee

By Editorial Staff

Former Cincinnati Bearcat Basketball player Ruben Patterson is suing ex-Bengal Tim McGee.

Patterson claims McGee offered him a land near McGee’s Indoor sports facility Courts 4 Sports. Patterson agreed to purchase the land and McGee then took $377,000 out of Patterson’s account.

McGee then opened a Bar and Grill on that location. Geeter’s Bar & Grill is now closed and it’s rumored to be opening at that location.

McGee later claimed that Patterson never bought the property. Instead of buying it, said the $337k was really a lump-sum payment of 99 of rent.

Patterson later paid McGee even more money for business investments. During 2005 Paterson paid McGee another $300,000 for interest in Courts 4 sports. And in April 2010 McGee borrowed another $50,000 for start up costs of Geeter’s Bar & Grill.

Patterson is seeking $687,000 of repayment. As well as $1 million dollars of punitive damages.