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Bengals Go 3/3 In FA Waiver Claims

By Editorial Staff

The Bengals only put out 3 waiver claims and hit on all three attempts. Now it does help when the team has the 4th highest possible waiver claim. Of course the Bengals were able to snag Brandon Tate as mentioned earlier but it’s also worth noting that Bengals claimed Mike McGlynn from the Eagles & Mickey Shuler of the Dolphins .

The Bengals also put in a claim for Mickey Shuler Jr, son of NY Jets All-Pro TE Mickey Shuler. Shuler, was drafted in 2010 by the Vikings, he was later waived and signed with the Dolphins. In his 1 season with the Dolphins, Shuler started 2 games, seeing playing time in a total of 6.

The Bengals weren’t the only team to put in a claim for young center, Mike McGlynn. The Colts, Ravens and Rams also put in bids to claim him. McGlynn has played in 19 games during his 3 seasons with the Eagles, starting 14 last season.

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