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Yahoo Sports Reports: Raiders Attempting to Snag Carson Palmer

By Editorial Staff

This is definitely a long shot, but out of any current trade possibilities the Palmer to Oakland idea seems to have the most potential. With the season-ending injury of QB Jason Campbell, the Raiders are really hurting at QB when their only veteran option is Kyle Boller. There’s rumor going around that the team isn’t very comfortable with Boller being the starter and that the team is interested in acquiring a QB via trade or FA.

The Raiders rumored #1 option is to trade for the rights of former Bengals QB Carson Palmer. The issue with proposed Bengals trade is that the Raiders have little to offer via trade, they can offer a 1st  but then their next available pick isn’t till the 6th round. One would assume that the Raiders wouldn’t be crazy enough to offer a 1st for Palmer, but even if they did , is it enough to make the Bengals budge?

Now the Raiders have also been rumored to be testing Free Agency. Adam Schefter has reported that they have made contact with FA QB David Garrard.

"Raiders have reached out to David Garrard. It doesn’t mean they will sign him, but it does confirm there is some level of interest."

As Schefter mention, reaching out to Garrard doesn’t mean that the Raiders will actually be able to sign him. In fact the Dolphins attempted to sign him but the teams couldn’t come to terms.  It’s rumored that Garrard thinks he’s worth more then the Vet-minimum the Dolphins were trying to sign him for, to be specific Garrard apparently thinks he’s worth 1 million a yr.  So if the Raiders want to try to sign him they better be willing to pay his price.