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Interesting Postgame Nuggets: Dalton Leads All Rookies since 1970 with 12 Passing TDs in First 8 Games

By Editorial Staff

QB Andy Dalton Leads All Rookies since 1970 with 12 Passing TDs in First 8 Games: What are all the Cam Newton defenders going to say now, when Dalton leads Newton in both stats AND wins?

WR AJ Green not satisfied with the Bengals’ 6-2 record: Is there anything to dislike about AJ Green?

  • “Ain’t nothing satisfying until we win the big one. That is when we’ll be satisfied.”

DE Carlos Dunlap about to go streaking: Is Dunlap about to repeat the same sack streak he made last year?

  • This year, Dunlap waited until week 8 to get his first sack, despite leading the team in QB pressures with 19. Today, he got another 2 sacks, giving him a sack in back to back games. Last year, he waited until week 10 to get his first sack, and went on to post 9 sacks in 8 games.

The Bengals Defense shut out the Titans in the second half: Whatever halftime adjustments were made, they were the right ones.

  • After giving up 233 yards in the first half (their worst performance of the season), the Bengals D held the Titans O to only 56 second half yards, not including a meaningless 30-yard wild lateral play as time expired.

DE Carlos Dunlap and RB Brian Leonard were both injured in the game: Fortunately Marvin Lewis thinks neither injury is too serious.

  • Dunlap injured his hamstring during a sack late in the game, but it appears to be only a cramp at this point. Leonard, the third-down specialist, injured his knee during the game.

QB Andy Dalton has plenty of options to choose from: Dalton completed at least two passes to six different receivers, and had three touchdowns to three different receivers.

  • Dalton thinks it’s a big part of why the Bengals are 6-2. “That’s the thing that has been great,” he said. “It’s not one guy doing it all. We have a bunch of guys making plays. There is a lot of talent here.”