Bengals-Steelers: Stats That Stick


Here are a few statistics that stick from today’s 24-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers:


Steelers passing first downs: 18. Bengals passing first downs: 7.

  • Short passing plays to WR Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace were killer today. The Steelers put together several succesful, long drives today, thanks to the loose coverage by Bengals cornerbacks.

Andy Dalton’s QB rating: 61.8

  • Dalton had trouble connecting to his receivers today, and it didn’t help that his most reliable receiver AJ Green was out with a knee injury. Dalton connected on only 15 of his 30 passing attempts and threw two interceptions.

Targets to WR Jerome Simpson and WR Andre Caldwell: 12. Receptions by Simpson and Caldwell: 3.

  • The Bengals 2nd and 3rd recievers, yet again, have proven to be unreliable and inconsistent. Sure, Dalton’s passes weren’t perfect every throw, but both have had their fair share of drops, bad routes, and mistakes all around. Both receivers are in the final year of their contract, it will be interesting what the organization chooses to do with these players at the end of the year.

Steelers Red Zone Offense: 4 attempts, 3 TDs, 1 FG. Bengals Red Zone Offense: 1 attempt, 1 TD.

  • Allowing 3 TDs in 4 red zone trips is not a stat that the defense should be proud of. Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall was successful in his goal line rushes (posting 2 TDs on the day). The Bengals offense couldn’t sustain drives long enough, and only made it to the red zone once, despite posting 17 points.


Bengals Penalties: 4 – 31 yards. Steelers Penalties: 4 – 35 yards.

  • The 4th quarter holding call on Andrew Whitworth was killer, but you can’t forget that the referees called a questionable offensive pass interference call on a Steelers touchdown. Penalties evened out today, in the end. It was a big improvement over the 9 penalties for 87 yards last week against the Seahawks

Bengals Rushing Offense: 109 yards on 26 carries (4.2 avg). Steelers Rushing Offense: 105 yards on 30 carries (3.5 average).

  • The Bengals rushing offense had one of it’s more productive games of the season. And, again the Bengals rushing defense showed up. WR Mike Wallace’s end-arounds (2 attempts, 31 yards) caught the Bengals off guard, but the Bengals have held another good starting runningback to under 100 yards. Mendenhall only had 44 yards on 16 attempts, for a 2.8 average.

WR Andrew Hawkins: 5 catches on 6 targets for 56 yards.

  • A career day for Hawkins, who usually only gets 5-6 snaps per game. With AJ Green out for the second half, it was Hawkins that stepped up and not Simpson or Caldwell.

Kick Returner/Punt Returner Brandon Tate: 28.0 yard average on kick returns, 10.8 on punt returns. Steelers Returner Antonio Brown: 23.0 yard average on kick returns, 5.0 yard average on punt returns.

  • Brandon Tate was the better return man today, and the Bengals coverage team played very well, limiting the explosive Antonio Brown to fairly poor averages today. Tate’s 16 yard punt return late in the 4th quarter set up the Bengals in Steelers territory, before a Steelers interception of Andy Dalton.