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Bengals-Ravens Highlights

By Editorial Staff

It was another close loss today. The Ravens pulled ahead 31-14 early in the 4th quarter, and the game seemed over, but the cool Andy Dalton drove the Bengals right back down the field two times for a touchdown and a field goal. It wouldn’t be enough, and the Bengals offensive line failed to protect the young quarterback when he was knocking on the door one more time. They lost 31-24 after failing to convert on fourth and goal from the Ravens 17-yard line.

A couple of controverial calls in this game, including the non-touchdown ruling on a throw to TE Jermaine Gresham on third down. But in the end the Bengals allowed too many big plays on defense, and didn’t keep the game close enough.

Bengals fans should keep their heads high, having lost consecutively to two Super Bowl contending teams. Sitting at 6-4 and holding the second wild card spot in the playoffs is a far better situation than many other teams.