Keep Your Enemies Closer: Q&A With A Rams Blogger


Every week, I’ll take a look behind enemy lines and try to understand the enemy team from their perspective. Here is this week’s interview with Fansided’s Rams’ Blogger Justin Stine.

1. What’s the quarterback situation going to be on Sunday? And how do you feel about Kellen Clemens if he were to make the start?

"We don’t have anything for sure on the QB situation yet, but I’m almost positive Sam Bradford will be out and Kellen Clemens will be getting the start. As far as Clemens goes, he’s a veteran who should be able to manage the game fairly well. Things can’t get much worse for the Rams offensively, so I’m interested to see how he performs."

2. From reading about the Rams, all I hear about is the absolute decimation that injuries have had on the cornerback position. Who plays cornerback on Sunday and (other than perhaps quarterback) is this the true achilles heel of the team?

"The Rams have hit the double-digit mark when it comes to CB’s placed on IR this season, and starter Justin King missed two days of practice this week with a bum shoulder. If he can’t go, there will likely be a group consisting of Josh Gordy and Chris Smith playing on Sunday. Let’s put it this way… If you have any Bengals receivers on your fantasy team, I’d recommend starting them."

3. Who’s more important to the team and why: Steven Jackson or Chris Long?

"This might be the most interesting question I’ve had so far this season. I’d have to say Jackson is more important because he’s the only real weapon we have on offense right now, but I don’t think there is a better player on this team than Chris Long. Long should go to the Pro Bowl this season and he is the guy I would pick for the future, but right now I would take Jackson for one gave if I had to choose."

4. Who’s the best player on your team that I haven’t heard of?

"It’s always hard to tell which of the Rams players are nationally know since they don’t get much coverage, but I’ll assume everyone has heard of MLB James Laurinaitis  and give you S Darian Stewart. This kid has been one of the few bright spots for the team this season, and I think the Rams really found something special. He is good in coverage and he can lay a big hit when given the chance. He’s improving in the run game, and if he keeps getting better he could be an NFL starter for many years to come."

5. Does the fanbase still have confidence in Sam Bradford to be the quarterback of the future?

"The fan base is starting to get a little divided on this issue, but overall I’d say the vast majority of Rams fans believe Sam Bradford is the future. He has had an awful season, but he doesn’t have much around him on the line or at WR. I think most people feel like he just needs some legitimate weapons, but there is a group out there who want the team to draft Robert Griffin or Matt Barkley this season. It won’t happen, but there are those who would like to see it."