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Anthony Collins Getting Chippy With Chris Long [Video]

By Editorial Staff

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I don’t know what it is, but I love these videos. This is this week’s Sound FX episode for the St.Louis Rams’ Chris Long. If you don’t know who he is, Long is a pro-bowl defensive end for the Rams who already has 13 sacks this year.

He was matched up against the Bengals’ backup right tackle Anthony Collins. They talked trash to each other all game, and it’s interesting to listen to how Long and Collins both use trash talk as part of their game.

Collins actually held Long in check in pass protection and in the run game. Chris Long only had two meaningful plays all game. One was his sack, and that was when TEs Jermaine Gresham and Donald Lee were assigned to block Long. Long finished the day with only 2 tackles (the sack and a tackle for loss on Cedric Benson).

And although I attend Long’s alma mater, I enjoy watching Long’s mood turn sour as his team falls behind to the Bengals late in the game. The Bengals took care of business last week, although rather sloppily. Now, the Bengals will face a much stronger team in the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals have won six of their last seven games, thanks to strong play by their defense and special teams. They have beaten the Philadelphia Eagles, the San Fransisco 49ers, and the Dallas Cowboys in that span. Additionally, three of these six wins came in overtime, proving that this Cardinals team shares some late game spunk with our Bengals. Both teams are very evenly matched on paper and I can’t wait to see the game and cheer the Bengals on to victory.