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Bengals Secure True Homefield Advantage Against Ravens With Sellout

By Editorial Staff

The Bengals-Ravens game was officially declared as a sellout game earlier this morning. It’s only the second sell-out of the entire year for the Bengals, the first was in week 10 during a 17-24 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Only 41,273 attended last week’s home game against the Arizona Cardinals, which means only a select handful of Bengals fans got to see Jerome’s frontflip live. With a reported sellout, 65,500 fans will be able to watch the Bengals take on the Ravens on Sunday in a win-and-in situation for the NFL Playoffs. The Bengals offered a buy one, get one free promotion for season ticket holders earlier in the week, and these sales reportedly shot through the roof. Due to league rules, the Bengals front office will have to pay the NFL the cut for all of these free tickets, which is about $200,000 dollars (go Mike Brown!). The Bengals were only averaging about 47,224 fans in attendance through the first 7 games, which is only 72 percent of the stadium’s capacity.

It will certainly be a playoff environment with so many fans showing up, hopefully the young Bengals will be ready for such a high pressure situation. Sometimes young teams can slip into a very different mentality when everything is on the line, and the Bengals have the youngest team in the AFC.

Regardless, it’s a very positive thing that the Bengals now have a true home field advantage against the Ravens tomorrow. The Ravens are only 3-4 on the road this season, despite their 11-4 record. And we don’t have to listen to all the ESPN talking heads gripe about how Bengals fans aren’t showing up to support the team.

The game will air at 4:15 this Sunday on CBS Local 12.