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Texans-Bengals Final Injury Report: Both Teams Healthy

By Editorial Staff

Both the Bengals and Texans are surprisingly healthy right now (from a week-to-week basis). Though each team has had it’s fair share of losses to the IR, the only contributor the Bengals will be missing tomorrow is S Taylor Mays. That may be a big injury though, because Mays was the only Bengals defender who could cover TE Owen Daniels in the week 14 match.

Houston will get Andre Johnson back for the most part this week. He missed week 15 and 16, then played 18 snaps in a meaningless week 17 game. Head Coach Gary Kubiak expects Johnson to play about 40-50 snaps this week, which will be a big difference maker tomorrow. The Bengals must shut Johnson down.

Other than that, the Texans are “as healthy now as they have been in a long time”, according to’s Nick Scurfield. No major contributors missed practiced this week for injury reasons.