Bengals Mock Draft Roundup #1: Cordy Glenn & Lamar Miller Among Most Mocked


Mock Drafts are a favorite of mine, and there’s a million of them out there online if you look hard enough. I picked out 9 of my most-trusted websites and scouts, and copied their Bengals picks here for easy reading in one place. In every edition of this article, I’ll tally up the player that was mocked to the Bengals the most times.

Today, we have co-winners for our Most Mocked Man award with Lamar Miller and Cordy Glenn:

  • Lamar Miller, RB, Miami (Fla.) : 3
  • Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia : 3
  • Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama : 2
  • Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama : 2
  • Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska : 2
  • David Decastro, OG, Stanford: 2

On to the mocks!

Fansided’s (January 11, 2012)

"17. Oakland Raiders (8-8) (traded to Cincinnati)- Michael Floyd, WR, Norte DameI don’t think the Bengals entered the draft considering taking a player like Michael Floyd, but if he happens to be available at this spot, how do you pass it up? Imagine having Floyd on one side and A.J. Green on the other side. There are still doubts about whether or not Dalton has a higher ceiling, but if he has A.J. Green and Floyd to throw to, along with Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley, he’ll never be able to blame the talent around him.Floyd is a terrific prospect, except for that pesky baggage.21. Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)- Lamar Miller, RB, Miami HurricanesThe Bengals run game needs to improve if they want to have a balanced offense. With two first round picks here, the Bengals can go in any number of directions. I think this draft is a bit down in talent, so the Bengals should really just grab the top players on their board and move forward with the new infusion of talent. Miller can run between the tackles, but also brings big play ability to the table, unlike Cedric Benson."

ESPN’s Todd McShay: (December 21, 2012)

"Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland) Record: 8-6 David DeCastro*, G, StanfordDeCastro isn’t a sexy pick, but he is by far the best interior lineman in the 2012 class and is ready to be an NFL starter right now. Both current Bengals starters — Bobbie Williams and Nate Livings — are set to become free agents, and DeCastro is the best player available at a need position. Cincinnati Bengals Record: 8-6  Alfonzo Dennard, CB, NebraskaThe Bengals’ marginal depth at cornerback was exposed when starter Leon Hall went down for the season, and while Dennard has size limitations and might be a reach at this point, he’s a fluid athlete with good instincts and mental toughness."’s Matt Miller: (January 8, 2012)

"17. Cordy Glenn, Offensive Guard, GeorgiaBobbie Williams has been one of the more underrated guards in football, but the 35-year-old guard is both a free agent and injured. It’s unlikely he returns. The team could also use an upgrade over left guard Nate Livings.Glenn is a massive lineman with great footwork and the girth to be a major factor in the run game. Glenn has played left tackle at Georgia this season but has the massive body type and strength to be a great fit on the huge Cincinnati Bengal offensive line.21. Lamar Miller, Running Back, Miami (FL)After an early exit from the playoffs where their lack of a run game was exposed, the Cincinnati Bengals will use their second first-rounder to look to find a change-of-pace back to pair with (or replace) Cedric Benson next season.Miami’s Lamar Miller is the best of the backs left on the board—he ranks as my No. 9 overall player right now.Miller is a capable runner, receiver and return man. He’s bringing the three “Rs” to Cincinnati, where a speed back is needed to complement Benson’s bruising style of play."

"17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland), Mark Barron, S, AlabamaThe Bengals need help in their secondary. Barron makes more sense for them than a cornerback at this point. Barron gives the Bengals a rangy safety that likes to hit and does a great job of it.21. Cincinnati Bengals, Trent Richardson, RB, AlabamaRIchardson probably won’t fall this far in the draft. But if he does, the Bengals win. Cedric Benson is a free agent, and is hardly worth the money he would likely demand. Richardson is a talented player who plays like Steven Jackson." (January 2, 2012)

"" (January 5, 2012)

"17 . Cincinnati Bengals (via Oak) – Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama*I’ll say this right now: I’d be SHOCKED if Trent Richardson lasted until pick 17. It’s very likely that he’ll be taken somewhere in the Top 12 picks, being the apple of some team’s eye who trades down from the Top 10 or a team whose first option gets taken. Either way, I think the Bengals go RB in some capacity with one of their first rounders, and likely target Chris Polk, Lamar Miller, Doug Martin in that order.22. Cincinnati Bengals – Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina*After snatching the falling Richardson in the Top 20, the Bengals may strike luck again and get another coveted prospect on many boards in Alshon Jeffery. Inconsistent at times and hasn’t shown great separation consistently in college, Jeffery is another long, talented receiver that could give Andy Dalton another weapon to threaten defenses with."‘s Rob Rang: (January 8, 2012)

"17. David DeCastro, OG, Stanford21. Lamar Miller, RB, Miami (Fla.)"‘s Dane Brugler: (January 9, 2012)

"17. Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska21. Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin" (January 11, 2012)

"17. Cincinnati Bengals: Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama Cornerback is a need for Cincinnati. Nate Clements, who turns 32 in December, has been inconsistent this year. He’ll also be a free agent after the 2012 season anyway.This pick almost makes too much sense. There’s no question that Janoris Jenkins is the top talent available; if it weren’t for his legal history, he’d be a top-10 selection. He’ll get pushed down in the draft because of his multiple arrests, but a team like the Bengals will happily snag him off the board.21. Cincinnati Bengals: Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia Cincinnati’s offensive line has played extremely well as a whole this year, but the one exception has been left guard Nate Livings. The 29-year-old will be a free agent in March anyway, so he’ll need to be upgraded.Cordy Glenn is one of the top prospects on the board and he fits Cincinnati’s blocking scheme, so he makes sense at this spot."