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Commentary: Enough With The Legal Problems

By Editorial Staff

I get it, fans of other teams, the Bengals have a history of employing players who get arrested.

It’s annoying that that reputation seems to be all that the national public sees of the Bengals. It’s also incredibly unfortunate that the Bengals were truly going through a turnaround this year, and the the mistakes of three players in their contract years has reverted the image of the Bengals back to one of mockery.

All these players cost themselves a lot of money too, and I know they regret their decisions greatly. All three players will be free agents this offseason. Adam Jones will be a free agent after his disorderly conduct in July. Cedric Benson will be a free agent after he beat the crap out of a former roommate in Texas in July. And Jerome Simpson will be a free agent after 2.5 pounds of marijuana were tracked to his house in Kentucky in September.

Jerome is a genuinely nice guy, and a great teammate. I was very shocked to hear of his story, as he is a first time offender. Jones had finally begun to turn his image around, and believed that he would be acquitted until I found that he plead guilty yesterday. Cedric Benson needs to stay out of Texas, then maybe he wouldn’t keep getting in fights.

I know all these players regret these actions, but it’s disappointing that they have not made smarter decisions.

Please stay out of trouble, Bengals of the future! Steelers and Ravens and Browns fans are annoying enough without such ammunition to disparage Bengals fans.