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Bengals will stay in Downtown Hotels for Training Camp


When the Bengals announced that they would be holding training camp at Paul Brown Stadium, the question was raised as to where the team would stay at night and if the veteran Bengals players would be allowed to go home after practice. That won’t be the case on Marvin Lewis’ watch:

"I have no vets. The reason you stay in a hotel is to protect your players from other people. People that keep them up, or get them sick, or (they) get sick in the middle of the night."

I agree with Lews’ stance on keeping his players in one spot, and away from outside distractions. Training camp is when teams develop continuity and team chemistry, and by staying in the same hotel, it gives the younger players more opportunities to learn from the veterans. It also keeps them away from trouble with the law, which many Bengals have had problems with in Marvin Lewis’ tenure as head coach. This team is still very young, and having a good training camp this year will help these young Bengals reach heights that will take them deep into the playoffs and establish a winning franchise in Cincinnati.