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Ochocinco Praises Bengals


When the Bengals and distraught WR Chad Ochocinco finally parted ways last year, it could have been another case of a former Bengal great leaving town and never looking back. But Chad didn’t stop watching his old teammates, or even his old coach who he had reportedly clashed with on several occasions. He was also impressed with the Bengals unexpected playoff-run, and was really proud of how the team came together:

"I mean, it’s the NFL; anything is possible. All success is due to Coach Lewis and that staff. The defense was phenomenal. Coach Mike Zimmer did a hell of a job. The coaches did their thing, but the credit really goes to the payers. They’re the ones that have to go out and executed."

Chad doesn’t hold any hard feeling towards Marvin Lewis, or team owner Mike Brown, whom he demanded a trade to multiple times over the past 4 NFL seasons:

"If they haven’t mentioned it, I sent everyone a letter, a thank you note. I think that’s the best I can do. Everybody who had anything to do with me being there, I hope they have it framed."

As unfortunate an ending it was between the Bengals and Chad, its nice to see he still cares about the city and team that gave him a shot at his NFL dreams, and even though he hasn’t made any real impact on the Patriot’s team this year, he appears to have become a much more humble individual.

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