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SH Headlines: Mike Mayock Likes Bengals Future


With the NFL Draft upcoming and all of the scouting and analyzing potential draftees that comes with it,very few analysts have as good a feel on college prospects and how they will project in the NFL better than NFL draft expert Mike Mayock. He is the go-to guy for the NFL Network when it comes to the draft, but also has a good feel on all 32 NFL teams and how they’re currently constructed. He especially likes the core of the Bengals and their future going forward:

"From being around them a little bit and seeing them in the playoffs, we tend to ding them a little too much. Then you go to the Pro Bowl and see they’ve got four players under the age of 25. That’s impressive."

He also believes the Bengals biggest hole is at coronerback:

"With the loss of Johnathan Joseph you’d like to get a corner that can compete right away. If they’ve got a guy they like, fine, go get him. But they can sit there and take the best player. They don’t have to reach as much as they have in the past."

Its a nice reminder that despite there being some hols on this team, they’re in a good enough spot that they don’t have to reach for a player in a position of need. Too often we’ve seen the Bengals reach for players like Andre Smith, Keith Rivers, and Jerome Simpson. This year we may see the Bengals sit back and take the best player on the board. The rest of the interview with Mayock can be read here.

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