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Night Life Headlines: Gruden Drooling over Offensive Prospects


Jay Gruden Likes what he sees in Draft

Gruden believes there is a ton of talent at guard and running-back in the upcoming draft, the two biggest needs for the Bengals right now:

I think the back class is very, very good this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if we walk out of here with a pretty darn good back. I’m very excited about the guard prospects. There are about four or five of them that are very, very good.

Are Browns getting cold feet on Robert Griffen III?

The Browns have arguable the most trade pieces resulting from last years’ monster haul they got from Atlanta to get Julio Jones. With two first-rounders, all they would need to give up is likely another second or third-rounder to move up and snag a potential franchise-QB in Robert Griffin III. Given the pitiful history of the Browns since they came back to Cleveland in 1999, its time they made some noise in the draft, but I do like them as the Bengals’ little brother.

Packers will wait and see with Chad Clifton

Clifton was once viewed as the franchise left tackle, but after various injuries and the emergence of backup Marshall Newhouse and drafting of Bryan Bulaga in 2010,Clifton has become expendable.

Ravens and QB Joe Flacco have ‘Productive’ Meeting

The Ravens believe Flacco is a franchise QB, and Flacco and his agent believe he is an elite QB. There is a difference, but there should be a deal soon to keep Flacco a Raven for the foreseeable future.

Patriots WR Deion Branch: “Gotta retire as a Pat”

Branch would be a potential WR target for the Bengals if he were let go, but all indications are that he will remain a Patriot until he does retire.

Bart Scott described as “extremely frustrated” with Jets, has Permission to seek Trade

This has been in the works for awhile now. The Jets don’t want to pay Scott the $4.2 million he’s owed, as the 32-year old LB has clearly lost a step, but still can be a productive player on a good defense with a hole at the MLB spot, a problem the Bengals may have if they decide to move on from Rey Maualuga.