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Bring on Bush

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The other method for getting a RB is through free agency. The name most-often linked as of late has been Oakland Raiders RB Michael Bush. The 27-year old Bush is from the Louisville area, so he would be playing close to home. He also brings a known quantity to the position as opposed to an unknown rookie. A lot of Bengals fans are opposed to Bush, but I like the move.

First of all, you know what you’re getting with Bush. This franchise once passed on Stephen Jackson to draft Chris Perry. Bush showed that he can be a very good back last season when he started for the Raiders. Also, while he is 27, he doesn’t have a lot of tread on the tires. He’s been used in a 2-back system for the most part, and according to Jay Gruden, would be used that way here. He’s also a better receiver out of the backfield than Cedric Benson, whom he would replace. That is a nice fit in the west coast scheme Gruden runs. The other benefit of this move is that it allows Cincinnati to use those early round picks on positions of need, including help on the offensive line, which is sorely needed, and in the secondary.

Bringing in Michael Bush will be a move questioned by many, but in my opinion, makes the most sense. It allows the team to get better at more positions, and minimizes the risk of another bust. The team has the cap room, and logically, I think it’s a great move, and gives them a chance to build on last season’s success. That said, if Trent Richardson is available at pick 17, disregard this entire article.

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