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The glass is half…full??

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Bengals fans are a pretty jaded lot, which explains the low attendance in recent years. They ask for consistency and want to be able to feel good about an upcoming season, which isn’t always the case. After a somewhat surprising season last year, though, and for the reasons mentioned above, this is finally a season in which a little optimism might begin to creep in. A few good free agent signings, followed by a solid draft will only increase the good vibe Cincinnati fans have going. If the Bengals can capitalize on the momentum, and get some early wins, then stands might begin to fill in, and the team can go back to selling out games instead of blacking them out. So Bengals fans, get out your favorite jersey, fire up the grill, grab your favorite beverage, and get ready for a year that could be one to remember. There’s reason to be excited in Cincinnati, and fans might just start seeing that glass as half-full for once.

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