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Where Will Peyton Manning end Up?

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Now that Peyton Manning is set to be released tomorrow after 14 amazing years in Indianapolis, he’ll be able to sign with any NFL team he sees fit. He’ll be right up there with DE Mario Williams, WR Vincent Jackson, and G Carl Nicks as the most coveted free agents this offseason. A clean bill of health would make him one of the greatest free agents of all-time, joining the likes of Reggie White and  Deion Sanders as hall of fame players who left their teams via free agency.

NFL Network reporter Jason La Canfora believes that Manning will receive the most interest from Miami and Washington, and that Arizona, Seattle, Kansas City, and the New York Jets may also get involved. Its hard to see Arizona getting seriously involved, as they won’t want to give up on Kevin Kolb too quick after everything they gave up to get him. The Jets think Mark Sanchez is their franchise QB (laugh out loud). I do think Seattle is a dark horse here if Manning is wiling to play their and Pete Carroll lets him run the offense. Kansas City is probably not ready to give up on Matt Cassell either, as he’ll likely play another 6-8 years, while Manning may only last two or three.