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The Evolution of the Offense

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As the Bengals try and build their team for the future, there are differentiating opinions on how the team should be set up. Because of the youth of Andy Dalton and the WR corps, a lot of fans want to run the ball 40 times a game and win low scoring games. On the other side, some people want to open up the offense and put up more points, which is the way the league is going. Dalton proved to be efficient at times in his rookie season, and with AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham, and the return of Jordan Shipley, the passing game should be better.

I think balance is going to be the key. The Bengals have struggled on offense, especially against good teams over the past few seasons. Against weak teams, they are able to win games by scoring just a few touchdowns and playing defense. Against good teams, however, the strategy hasn’t worked, and their conservative strategy cost them. The team needs to be able to protect the ball, and use the run effectively to set up play action. They have to also get the big play into the game plan and make opposing think twice about loading the box. One of the criticisms of Marvin Lewis is that he is predictable offensively. With Dalton getting a full offseason to learn the offense and the team getting a year better, they need to evolve with the rest of the league, and be more effective with the pass. It has become a passing league, and Cincinnati needs to adapt, like the Steelers and Ravens have. If they can, they’ll find themselves being competitive in the best division in football.

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