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Who’s Playing Safety?

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Almost every mock draft has the Bengals selecting a cornerback early in this year’s draft, and it’s a possibility that they will be seeking a cornerback in free agency as well. If that turns out to be the case, the corner position will have a surplus of players, while safety remains an issue, especially if Nelson isn’t brought back. This, and the lack of depth at safety in the draft and free agency, means the Bengals might need to take an unconventional approach to replacing Nelson.

If the Bengals pick up a cornerback in both the draft and in free agency, that could leave Clements as the odd man out. He could, however, put his tackling ability and coverage skills to use at the safety position. Rod Woodson was able to extend his career by making the move a few years ago, and I believe that Clements has the talent to make a successful move as well, and in doing so, could provide the biggest benefit to the team. He gives the team a safety with tackling ability, but also with a corner’s hands. As any Bengals fan knows, a safety with better hands might have made all the difference against Houston in the playoffs.