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Breakout Star: Carlos Dunlap

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Going into 2o12, Dunlap will be completely healthy again, and with guys like Atkins requiring more attention from opposing offensive lines, Dunlap could be ready to take his play to the next level. He certainly has all of the physical tools: size, strength, speed, and a nice move-set. If he can stay healthy, and be driven to be the best, then he could definitely surpass the numbers he posted in his rookie year, and be one of the top defensive ends in all of football. Bengals fans have been waiting for a guy to be a dominant pass rusher for years, and Dunlap, if things go right, fits the bill, and could be the breakout star on defense for Cincinnati, and paired with Atkins, could lead a ferocious pass rush. So, watch out NFL, he’ll be coming.

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