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Stripe Hype Headlines: Free Agency Frenzy on the Horizon

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Manning not Expected to visit any more Teams

It now appears that Arizona and Denver are the two favorites to land Manning. Ironically, both teams have invested a ton in their current starting QBs. Arizona traded away a fortune to get Kevin Kolb while giving him a $60 million deal, and Denver traded three draft picks to move up and take Tebow, who lead the Broncos to the playoffs last season and appeared to have cemented himself as the Broncos starting QB. But neither of those players are near the level of a healthy Peyton Manning. Whichever team does sign him will be essentially forced to trade their current starting QB, especially with Kolb who has a $7 million option bonus due on March 17th, a mere five days away. All of this will likely result in a Manning decision within the week now that he’s announced he will visit no more teams.

Bucs, Bears, Redskins all look poised for a run at Vincent Jackson

Jackson is the top free agent WR on the market, and he’s looking for the biggest deal possible. The Buccaneers are believed the favorite, and a combination of Josh Freeman and Jackson would become one of the NFL’s best QB/WR combos.