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Never In The Nati 2012 NFL Mock Draft – Pre-Agency Edition

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1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford. This is the most obvious pick of the year, maybe the past five years. There have been rumblings about Robert Griffin III possibly being the number one pick, but it just makes no sense. The Colts don’t need his charisma to sell more baseball caps or jerseys or fill Lucas Oil Stadium, nor do they need his scrambling or bootleg passes. They need a smart, mature NFL-ready leader in their huddle. Anything else is just pre-Draft chatter.
2. Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor. This trade has been extremely obvious for months. Some folks might think that the ‘Skins gave up too much for this, but in reality, you can never give too much for a franchise quarterback. Moreover, no single team (other than Indy) needs a quarterback as badly as Washington. Robert Griffin III is a perfect fit for this offense, largely because it doesn’t exist yet. The Redskins will probably take this year to figure out what they got, but expect some interesting names to jump on the roster in the next few years. Dan Snyder may have given away a boatload of draft picks for RGIII, but he’s still got what it takes to get him some weapons: namely money. Something crazy will happen in free agency for Washington before young Griff walks across the stage to get his red and gold jersey… I can just feel it.
3. Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil, OT, USC. Like it or not, the Vikings are sticking with Christian Ponder. Not a bad call; he showed plenty of poise last year as a rookie under center considering the level of his protection and weaponry. If Minnesota wants to protect its investment there is no better way to do it than Matt Kalil. The Southern California tackle is a day-one steel fence around young Ponder. I really can’t see this pick going any other way if Minnesota holds onto it. However, the spoiler would be if a mid-round team decides that Kalil is worth the trade-up and the Vikings decide they can still get a solid receiver and then some on the back end.
4. Cleveland Browns – Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State. Now that the RGIII trade-up is done, rumblings from the draftniks are considering Morris Claiborne to the Browns. Look, if the Browns are intent on keeping Colt McCoy for another season to see if he has what it takes, they owe it to him to finally provide a legitimate number one receiver. Justin Blackmon would immediately list Cleveland’s receiving corps as one of the most dangerous in the NFL with Josh Cribbs, Greg Little and Mohammad Massaquoi as supporting cast members. Add a small upgrade to the offensive line and re-sign Payton Hillis, and there really is no reason McCoy should fail… unless he’s really not the guy. I get it, Claiborne makes sense, but so did getting Robert Griffin III and that didn’t happen either.
5. Saint Louis Rams – Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa. The Rams offensive line is a mess. Sam Bradford was already wearing a leg brace that looked like Kurt Warner’s bionic arm when he was a Sooner. Saint Louis can’t afford to have their monster rookie contract recipient go down with David Carr syndrome and become the bust that he is already starting to resemble. In reality, they don’t need just one tackle, they could use two or three. For now, Riley Reiff will have to do. Todd McShay has him going number three overall, so certainly not a stretch for this corn-fed monster.