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What Manning to Denver Means for Broncos


Peyton Manning and his agent are currently negotiating with the Denver Broncos to bring the future hall-of-famer to the mile-high city. Adam Schefter is also reporting that Tim Tebow is currently being shopped and could be traded any day now. This is a huge win for the Broncos who will likely sweep the weak AFC West and be a Super-Bowl contender contender next year with a solid draft and signing some more quality free agents.

Denver fans should feel very fortunate to not only have a hall-of-fame QB leading their team on the field, but another one leading their team in the front office. John Elway led the Broncos to 5 Super Bowls, including 2 victories, the franchises’ only two titles. Now he’s the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Broncos, and has lead the charge to get Manning in a Broncos uniform. He succeeded and has now made the team, who he once lead to Super Bowls, contenders again. Denver hasn’t had even a stable QB situation since Elway retired in 1998, going through 11 starting QBs from the erratic Jake Plummer, to three good but brief years with Jay Cutler, to the Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow controversy the past two seasons. Now the team will have another franchise QB and will be expected to be amongst the best in the AFC. The AFC Championship last year featured two goo, but clearly flawed teams in New England and Baltimore, and while Denver certainly has some holes left to fill, they’ll be a threat to win the AFC and advance to the teams’ seventh Super Bowl.