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Green-Ellis vs Bush

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Fans that I’ve spoken with point to Bush’s ability as both a passer and receiver as the reason they preferred him. Green-Ellis wasn’t used as much on passing downs in New England, though, and didn’t get the opportunities that Bush did. Bush was the unquestioned starter, while Green-Ellis was only in for a little over 34% of the Patriots plays last year. Green-Ellis, despite being smaller than Bush, also might be a better goal-line back. He was extremely adept at running it in from inside the 5 yard line. The fact that “The Law Firm” is two years younger is also a plus, with less wear on his body, and no injury history.

It’s believed that whichever back the Bengals had signed would be splitting carries with either Bernard Scott or a rookie back from the draft, so I think BenJarvus Green-Ellis was a solid addition to the team. He won’t turn the ball over, brings a steady presence to the locker room, and a great attitude to the field. The fans might have wanted Bush, but Green-Ellis shouldn’t be considered a consolation prize. He’s young, hungry, and very talented, and while I wish Mr. Bush the best in Chicago, I love having The Law Firm in stripes. Everybody else will warm up to him soon enough.

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