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Will Leon Hall Be Ready

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During the current free agency period, the Bengals have signed Jason Allen, re-signed Pacman Jones, and are in pursuit of Terence Newman. Cornerback is also a position that could be addressed early in the draft. All of this attention to the position means the team wants depth and may not be sold that Hall will be completely ready to start the season. At the least, even if he’s playing, he might not be 100%. Former Bengal John Thornton tweeted that Hall probably wouldn’t be completely healthy until 2013. That’s not to say Hall won’t be playing, or effective, but the additional depth is most likely insurance for that possibility.

Thornton also states that Hall should be protected against further injury, which may include more rest this season, or even a start to the season on the PUP (physically unable to perform) list, which requires the kind of depth the Bengals have added. Hall is definitely a key piece to the defense, and will be a huge part of any potential future run of success, and aggravating the injury by doing to much, too soon would be detrimental to him and the Bengals. Every Bengals fan looks forward to having Hall back on the field, but adding help is a smart move, and a necessary one in my opinion.

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