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More importantly, though, Cincinnati is still critically thin at both safety and defensive tackle. This being a weak safety class, drafting lower would likely yield the same overall product as burning a first or second round pick on this position. The same cannot be said of defensive tackles. Quiet a few dominant names will be floating when the Bengals pick. Dontari Poe could slip, so could Michael Brockers. Either Devon Still or Fletcher Cox will certainly be available. Adding one of these helmet-crushing behemoths to line up with Pat Sims, Geno Atkins or Domata Peko could be a nightmarish consideration for any quarterback.

Is defensive tackle the biggest need for the team? The question is starting to become rhetorical as the Bengals have actually moved to at least have some of an answer for most of its needs before mid-April. Prior to Free Agency, Cincinnati had four clear needs: Guard, Safety, Corner and Running Back. To a greater-or-lesser degree, something has been done with all of these positions. What that means is that for the first time in a while, the Bengals could find themselves drafting the best player available rather than for a position. Does this mean they ready for another run at the play-offs? Again, starting to become rhetorical…

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