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More realistically, wide receiver could also be addressed later if the Bengals are willing to moving up to the top of the second round. Insider linebacker might not get addressed until next year, depending on if Coach Zimmer has as much faith in Skuta as he had last year when he back-filled Maualuga during his high-ankle sprain. While neither of these courses of action would be terrible for the Bengals overall, neither serve to fix a portion of the roster for which there is no plan; albeit existing plans aren’t necessary the best.
Coming back out of the rabbit holes, the Bengals need to go back to the original four needs off the off-season and look at the one that has not been addressed at all: Strong Safety. Chris Cocker cannot be allowed to start next year after his horrendous stone-handed plays down the stretch. If Taylor Mays is ready to be resurrected and assume the starting mantle, then okay. If not, the Bengals need to consider plugging this hole with Mark Barron (SS, Alabama), one of the only real options to do so left at this point in the off-season.