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The release of Crocker isn’t a huge surprise. Fans had lost confidence in his abilities, and his drop of an easy interception in the playoff game against the Texans only made him less popular. The Bengals have Taylor Mays and Robert Sands on the roster, but neither may be ready to start for the entire season. Mays, a former 2nd round pick, has plus speed and size, but struggles with coverage. Sands is young, and has potential, but is still very raw, and may not be ready.

The addition of Bell adds depth to the offensive line, and supplies insurance in case Bobbie Williams isn’t brought back or if an injury occurs during the season. Drafted in 2004, he has started at guard for both the Tennessee Titans and, most recently, the St Louis Rams. He probably won’t be counted on to start, but does bring up the question of when, or if, the Bengals will draft a guard later this month.