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Peace For a Change

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Bengals fans have watched these and other team dramas with a jaded, “we’re used to it”, frustration year after year. However, 2012 seems to be one mostly free of that kind of distraction. Nobody is demanding to be traded, there are no holdouts, and there are no signs of dissention. It’s a rare peaceful offseason in Cincinnati, made more enjoyable by the fact that the team’s division rivals can’t say the same thing.

In Baltimore, Ray Rice (my #1 RB in the league, read the article here) wants a long-term contract, and not the franchise tag that was placed on him. He is expected to miss offseason workouts as a result. Restricted free agent cornerback Cary Williams also wants a multi-year deal along with quarterback Joe Flacco. It is expected that these deals will all get done, but it has to be nice for Bengals fans to see these things happening elsewhere.