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Nati On Draft – Part VII: Of Epilogues and Agents

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With Tuesday marking the beginning of free agency for NFL, the Bengals will be put on the clock to show how committed they are to moving forward in an unforgiving AFC North Division that appears to be giving ground for the first time in nearly a decade. Owner Mike Brown and Head Coach Marvin Lewis have promised to be aggressive in free agency, but on 13 March, fans are going to see how that will play out. If the Bengals think that they are going to blow the fan’s minds with results like resigning Chris Pressley for a two-year deal, then holding out for any mind-blowing halftime shows this year might not be something you’d want to hold your breath over.

Despite the past postings concerning draft picks and free agents, the ones that the Bengals need to focus on the first have to be the ones that are currently on the roster. Free safety Reggie Nelson is the most calculated decision that the front office has to make. His departure would signal the green light for the young Robert Sands, and almost certainly would make finding an apprentice free safety in the third or fourth round of the Draft a priority. Locking him could be a step in the right direction if he continues to show the improvement that he did down the stretch. However, while Nelson might be baiting breath in the coming weeks, he’s not the most critical signing the Bengals must make.