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The Sean O Diesel 2012 NFL Mock Draft

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Now it’s my turn to bring my first round mock draft to As a disclaimer, I want to let everyone know that I expect a couple trades during the first round of this draft. Below is how I think the draft could possibly go if no trades were to happen. I wrote a small description under each player explaining why I think they are a good fit for their respective team. Let’s get to it.

1. Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck
QB, Stanford

Luck is easily the best quarterback to enter the draft in quite some time. I really don’t need to explain why the Colts won’t pass him up with the first overall pick.

2. Washington Redskins
Robert Griffin III
QB, Baylor

Griffin is an outstanding athlete, and with the performance of the similar styled, big-armed, Cam Newton last year, Mike Shannahan has his man with the second overall pick.

3. Minnesota Vikings
Matt Kalil

Kalil is hands down the best offensive tackle in this draft by a landslide. With the struggles Minnesota has had with their offensive line of late, this pick is a no-brainer.

4. Cleveland Browns
Trent Richardson
RB, Alabama

Here is where I feel that the draft could shift dramatically. The Browns are open to trading their fourth overall pick and that will throw off every mock that has been done so far. If they don’t, I don’t think that they can pass up on an elite running back like Richardson here. He is incredibly dynamic and will take lots of pressure off of the still developing Colt McCoy.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Morris Claiborne

Ronde Barber is back, but this could potentially be his last year. Tampa Bay has improved their offense significantly over free agency, now it’s time to bolster their defense with their first pick in the draft.

6. St. Louis Rams
Justin Blackmon
WR, Oklahoma St

With the short stint Brandon Lloyd had in St. Louis last year, you can see why the Rams are looking for a play-maker for their young quarterback, Sam Bradford. Blackmon has a huge upside and can provide the threat at wide receiver that this team need desperately.