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Bengals Owe Hue Jackson a Huge Thank You!

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After he came out in the media and made it clear that he would not trade disgruntled QB Carson Palmer under any circumstances, he pulled off a blockbuster deal that no Bengal fan can forget.

In October of last year, Mike Brown made one of the most memorable trades in Bengals history; shipping Carson Palmer to Oakland for a 2012-first round pick and 2013-second rounder.

This trade had all football executives raising their eyebrows at Oakland’s head coach Hue Jackson.  His response to all the scrutiny he had been receiving about this trade- it is the “best trade in football”.

Palmer played the remaining ten games for the Raiders.

In his first appearance for Oakland, which was a game Palmer did not start, he went 8-21, 116 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT.

With Palmer under center for the rest of the year, the Oakland Raiders went 4-6 and missed the playoffs.

Hue Jackson’s decision to acquire Palmer for the price he did is what in the end cost him his job in Oakland.

With him unemployed and no offensive coordinator job offers, Jackson received a call from Marvin Lewis asking him to join his staff.  Jackson had coached the receivers in Cincinnati in 2004-2006 under Lewis.