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Finding a True #2 WR

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Here is a quick scouting report of mine that shows what I look for specifically in a wide receiver. Game-breaking speed. Phenomenal body control. Good size. Very strong. Built extremely well. Breaks tackles. Gets yards after contact. Quick feet. Leaping ability. Solid route-runner. Able to adapt to what the defense gives him. Can create his own routes. Knows how to read, re-act, & adjust to the QB. Good straight away speed. Sudden out of breaks. Quality hands. Adept at finding soft spots in zone. Can defeat double teams. Excellent across the middle. Solid possession receiver. Experienced. Name that WR.

Former 49er, Eagle, Cowboy, Bill, and Bengal

FA / WR / Terrell Owens / 2010

This is the type of WR the Bengals need for a #2. He fits the bill as a true, solid #2. However, T.O. himself will not do. Age and attitude are his achilles heels.

Here is another scouting report of mine on, yet, another WR. Good size. Great athleticism. A bit on the slender side. Deceptive speed. Football speed. Able stretch deep zones. Excellent leaping ability. Good hands. Not always reliable in traffic. Shows some quickness and speed to create separation. Still developing as a route runner. Needs to improve on his perimeter blocking. Name that WR.

Soon to be Former Bengal

FA / WR / Jerome Simpson / 2011

He showed promise at the end of 2010 but he has yet to prove he can be a true #2 WR in this league. Time is running out on him. His legal issues don’t help his case much either. Bottom line, this is what you should avoid when looking for a true #2 WR. Can he still develop. Yes. However, a change of sceneary would be best for both parites. Even though the Bengals are still interested in retaining his services for 2012.