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A Line In The Sands

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The following is courtesy of guest columnist Ryan Kern, Beat Writer from Tampa, Florida.

With the NFL Draft set to ignite in days, player evaluations are being assessed by experts, analysts, fans and even that intimidating season ticket holder who’s inked his bald head with the face of Boomer Esiason.

Although many opinions differ, the draft jargon remains the same.  It’s understandable to evaluate character and skill sets but when the term “project” is classified in a player evaluation, fan anxiety peaks.

Recent discussions of QB Ryan Tannehill have now exercised this dreaded word as he’s been dubbed a talented, athletic, quarterback….Project. What exactly is a project and what is the time frame before it’s considered a failure? Does my team have a project that I should be concerned about? If you’re a Bengals fan the answer is yes and it’s Robert Sands at the strong safety position.